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Property, financial and investment advice
Since our inception, Property Advice Solutions has been exclusively focused on providing quality, strategic advice
that fulfills our client's financial dreams for the future.


Property Advice Solutions offers a service that is unique within the industry. In addition to our credentials as a registered Real Estate agent and Property Investment Company, we also have access to fully licensed Financial Planning advice should this be required?

Combined together, this allows us to fully understand your financial position, ascertain your goals, and provide strategic advice on elements like taxation, superannuation that can then enable you to use property to generate wealth creation.

This is always completed with our clients Best Interest Duty as our primary aim

"Getting You To A Better Place".

"Our first and foremost aim is to secure your financial future."

At the helm of our operation is Stephen Catterall MBA. Stephen boasts over 30 years experience in the financial planning sector, he is an Associate Professor with Torrens University Australia, assisting and providing industry insight to their Bachelors and Masters curriculum.

His expertise extends from estate planning, superannuation, tax minimisation and insurance to in-depth business planning, set-up, and general advice.

Stephen was one of the only Financial Advisers in Australia with the title of Associate Professor.

Property Advice Solutions’ service also includes extensive research into the properties and regions we recommend to our clients.

We carry out due diligence on builders, developments and projects, while also factoring in the potential capital growth, tenancy rates and infrastructure of the areas we select.

This extensive understanding of financial planning and the property landscape enables Property Advice Solutions to create the strategy and find the property that’s right for your financial future.

Stephen Catterall MBA
Former Associate Professor
Securing your Financial Future
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