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Dual Income Properties
Dual income property

Earning two incomes from the one property sounds like every investor’s dream come true.

At Property Advice Solutions, we assess and create the investment strategy that best suits your needs.

What we do
Dual income


One Property, Two Incomes


A dual-income investment is effectively what is says on the tin – a property that provides two incomes to an investor, by way of two separate rental agreements. It may be a granny flat, a duplex, or, a dual occupancy/dual-key property.


All property types have provision for two incomes, but each differs slightly in its presentation, cost, and buyer/renter appeal.


A dual occupancy home is similar in some ways to a duplex as they are still two homes on the one block. The main difference between a dual occupancy and a duplex is that, in most cases, you cannot have separate titles with a dual occupancy property. A dual income property sits under a single title and provides higher tax deductibility.


Dual-occupancy properties typically share infrastructures such as entrances and driveways and have separate electricity, water, telephone and gas bills.


Advantages of Dual-Income Investment Properties
  • Maximising the potential of one block of land: instead of having a single property on a large block of land, you can utilise more of the space available to you

  • Improved cash flow, which can contribute to your loan-servicing capacity

  • Improved cash flow, which can contribute to future maintenance costs


  • Increased portfolio size without the cost of outlay associated with buying two properties



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