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Property investors
At Property Advice Solutions we take a different approach to buying property.
We understand property ownership is not just the investment in a dream but an investment in a greater
financial plan.

The dream…

The strategy…The property


Your Financial Future


Whether you’re looking towards retirement, considering the future welfare of your children, or planning to securely enter your first home, we look at your goals and vision for the future, and consider how the great Australian dream of owning property is part of that big-picture plan.


With your vision in mind, we ensure the strategy comes first, and then the property to suit.   


We truly care about our clients' long-term objectives, and through property investment, help them create a secure future where they achieve the outcomes that matter most to them in life.


At Property Advice Solutions we understand the dream and the vision. We build the strategy to meet your financial goal, and provide the property solution to attain it.


We Work With You


Our service encompasses far more than finding a property. We take the opportunity to sit down and understand where you are now financially and where you hope to be in the future.


We work with you to look at the opportunities you have to create wealth, we fashion the strategies available to better employ your finances, factoring in elements like superannuation, taxation, insurance and investment.


We then create the strategy to meet your future financial goals and we utilise property investment as part of this greater plan.


Once we understand where you are now, and where you want to go, we work with you to offer the right property investment in the right place.


We carry out in-depth due diligence on all builders, developments and projects that we recommend in order to provide the correct solution for our clients.


At Property Advice Solutions we work with you to build the financial and property investment strategy that meets your dreams. 


The dream...

The strategy...

The property...

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