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Property Investment Strategy

At Property Advice Solutions, we look at investing in property as part of a greater financial solution for your future.


We work with you to understand your dreams, ascertain your financial position, find opportunity through superannuation, tax minimisation and investment, and source the property that meets your financial goals.

What we do
Financial Coaching


Using Stephen's years of experience and skill in Financial Coaching, Property Advice Solutions offers you the guidance and support to seamlessly combine the essential financial areas of your life.

Whether you are a business owner, a professional, or a high-income earner, we provide you with an individually tailored solution that integrates taxation, superannuation and property investment.  

As part of this service we include finance, asset protection, succession and estate planning, personal risk insurances and philanthropy.

Using our depth of skills in these core disciplines, we adopt a co-ordinated project management approach, accessing other specialists as needed to provide a solution and advice that caters specifically to your goals and situation.

We provide holistic non- biased advice with your financial success and security our ultimate goal.


Property selection

Once we understand you and your financial position, where you hope to go and your financial goals, we work to help you meet your future financial dreams.


For many of our clients, property investment is an essential component of this wealth creation strategy.

With your goals in mind, we source properties, developments and projects in the regions likely to attract the best capital growth and rental return.

We conduct due diligence on the potential investments we recommend. We further research planning, infrastructure and the forecast growth of these areas, to provide the complete picture of the properties that meet your financial goals.  

"We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your financial future,
and create the strategy with a view to property investment."


The benefits
  • The peace-of-mind that your financial affairs are co-ordinated by a single, trusted adviser, supported by a team of experts in their own fields of finance, tax, property, and the law.

  • Confirming your investment or business structures are in place to ensure the appropriate mix of commercial and taxation outcomes

  • Providing tailored taxation and superannuation strategies and outcomes

  • Offering property investment options that cater to your specific circumstances and goals

  • The comfort of knowing that unexpected medical or life events won’t disrupt your wealth creation plan

  • Providing financial security for your family and assets through an estate plan prepared for the unexpected and the inevitable;

  • Freeing up your time so you can focus on your business, your life, your family and your passions.

  • Laying the platform to leaving a legacy

The benefits of using

Property Advice Solutions include:

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